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WildGames is an application that allows you to update your video games.
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WildGames is an application that allows you to update your video games. If you are a regular gamer on your PC and have several games installed, you know how much of a hassle it can be to update them manually. Especially so now that developers update their games faster than ever. When you install this application, it will scan your hard drives and list all your games in the interface. After that, you get a Not Up-to-date message if your games are not updated, and you can download the updates. But, I think that you will really benefit from another feature of this application. WildGames allows you to download games directly to your PC by using this console. There are many great games that you can only get here. Some of them, you have to buy. But still, having all the content in a single location saves you time. The downloads are reliable and you always get a good speed. WildGames has a great support for when things don't go as smooth as you expect, but I don't think that will ever happen since the application is really stable and reliable.

José Fernández
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